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Planting Trees in Schools

Planting trees in schools…the creation of a new woodland or making a garden…is the beginning of creating a balanced system of wholeness and health.

In general, planting trees and creating ‘natural’ landscapes provides the most important and enriching environment for children. No man-made playscape/playground can compare. Not only that…the cost is but a fraction of the built playground.

And!...just as the man-made play equipment, timber structures, playhouses are beginning to reach the end of their life (estimate 10-20 years), your trees are just beginning to take off…providing shade and winter shelter; beauty; useful things like food, timber, artwork materials; great places to explore, play, teach, sit quietly, tell stories and be together. Download your document now pdf document

Living Landscapes: A Wellspring of Creativity

The best way to create a unique sense of place, beauty and character for your school is with trees and other plants. Most buildings are ugly and schools are no exception... but it is plants and trees that break the rigid lines and soften the hard materials and which, in a short space of time, have people exclaiming what a beautiful place this is.

At present many schools are spending money on school grounds improvements - hard landscaping, play equipment and structures, sculptures and other artwork - with little regard for trees and other plants. Yet these are the very things which will outlive all the man made features and provide a framework for your school gardens and buildings by adding living beauty, shelter, shade, sculptural space and a unique sense of place and identity. Download your document now pdf document

Natural green play spaces and creative play areas

For over 10 years, we have been designing, evolving and creating outdoor spaces for children.

From the first plantings in 1997, it became clear that children have a natural affinity with trees and other plants; and that digging and planting was part of their immediate world. Many of those early plantings are now being used as forest school sites and some of these can be viewed if you click on the leavesofgreen page on our website. Download your document now pdf document

What is a Natural Play Space?

A natural play space allows children to explore their immediate world through being together and playing together in a naturalised setting: a play landscape where plants and trees provide the background for physical and creative challenges and fun. Read more about how natural play spaces benefit children by downloading the document now pdf document