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The Independent
18 July 2002

School play areas have traditionally been uninspiring places, but that is changing. Hester Lacey visits a school where pupils helped to transform a patch of grass into an enchanted garden.

Remember the grounds of your local primary school? Many of us were grateful for a rectangle of Tarmac with some hop scotch squares and a bald piece of grass sprouting blackberry bushes. School grounds are the most undeveloped part of the British landscape, says Guy Redmond, a garden designer who has chosen an unusual speciality - the transformation of the traditional dull Tarmac into an environment where children can play and learn.

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Worcester Evening News
18 October 2003

It's where the chance to learn will be natural

Excited youngsters are looking forward to innovative lessons when an outdoor classroom opens at their city school. Click the image for more.


Learning Through Landscapes - Ground Notes

In the development of the school landscape, the performance space can be as central to a successful outdoor design as the school hall is to the interior design. Click on the image for more.