School Grounds

School Grounds and Local Communities

school grounds and local communities

Any school grounds project which may have a positive or negative effect on the school community, should undergo a process of collaborative insight and sharing to enhance positive outcomes.

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Where to start a school grounds project?

If your school grounds are well developed already then you will probably know what is required next.  But what if your outdoor school environment is not particularly inspiring with few interesting features?  Where are you going to start? In this scenario, here are the options: Enhance any area that is already attractive and interesting. By enhancing…

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How to start a school grounds project

It is an inclusive approach, taken throughout the project, which will ensure the long-term success of any school grounds project.  If the project is quite minor, then you may get away with a minimal sharing of the concept and planning.  Otherwise you will need to consult and engage your school community to collaborate in this…

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