What our clients say

"Working with Guy was easy. He has vision and understanding of how to enhance an environment."

Our clients love us because we listen to what they are asking for.  And we concentrate all our efforts into helping our clients.  We guide and advise, and through our unique iterative design process, we usually come up with something great! 

natural play, special school grounds consultancy

School grounds re design and collaboration with teaching staff

Thank you for the fabulous development - the staff and students are very happy.”

Jane Wills Principal, Maitai  School 2017

..the children were back to school today, including some new enrollments and they were enjoying your fabulous playground.”

Parent Rep Board of Trustees, Maitai School

school grounds design and build

Concept, detailed design and visioning

"At Wakefield School we have seen benefits for our children in not only improving our outdoor environments to make them more stimulating as places for learning and play, but in engaging children in the design, planning and construction of outdoor projects. In doing so children gain a greater appreciation of the effort and costs of creating quality play spaces, and, more importantly in my view, an awareness of their impact on the environment and how to manage that in positive, sustainable ways.  Our children are increasingly and enthusiastically engaged in gardening, tree planting, stream monitoring and waste management projects as a result of our efforts to realise the potential of our outdoor environments as places for learning.

In this work we've gained greatly from your advice and guidance.  Involving a landscape architect in our work at school not only improves the end results but brings valuable learning for our children and staff along the way.."

Peter Verstappen, Principal Wakefield School 2017

Riverlands tree corridors (Large)
School Grounds landscape masterplan and design

School Landscape Masterplan

“Last year three members of our schools Board of Trustees attended an excellent day workshop led by Guy Redmond which focused on playground designs and the development of school grounds with an environmental and sustainable lens placed over it. We were fully enlightened and motivated by the messages we were given on how we can make our school grounds better in both function and form. We learnt new ways of looking at the development we were planning to do at our school and were affirmed that our desire to keep the design focused on being ‘natural and flexible’ was in line with current environmental sustainable practices and ideals. The concepts of ‘use zones’ and ‘student passageways’ through these zones were of great interest to us.

Our experiences working with Guy through an assessment and design process, leads me to endorse his work and his ability to make a real difference to a school’s environment. We are wanting to think holistically and creatively when redesigning our school play and learning environment and with Guys help I feel we are on the right path. Our school learning environments are needing to change and adapt as current teaching pedagogies are questioned and challenged.  The focus on the natural environment is increasing in schools and the need to engage our children with environmental awareness is increasing with it. We need our children to be connected to a natural learning environment that is safe and functional. Our experience shows that there are very few people out there with the skills and experience needed to help schools.”

Dave Parsons, Principal, Riverlands School, 2017


Landscape Permaculure design Nelson

Private house positioning and landscape design

"We're completely awestruck. Speechless. These plans are really stunning. We didn't expect something so detailed and absolutely grand. ….thank you so much for all this exceptional work. The house pad design is just inspired."

Jarmo and Thuy Saloranta

involving school community in school grounds design and build
involving school community in school grounds design and build

School grounds concept design and community project management

"We approached Guy after realising that we needed to encourage better interaction between our students and their environment. We had heard of some of the work Guy was doing with local schools and we were attracted by his inclusive and consultative approach.

Consulting with teachers, families and students gave us a better insight into what people wanted, and it had an even bigger payoff when it came to actually doing the work. People were aware and felt involved, and when the day came to bring it all together we enjoyed a massive turnout of people, all armed with tools and ideas. It was a fantastic day.

The result is an area that is productive and interesting. It has variety and function, and it’s a fun place to be in. Guy tied it all in, and at the end the process all made sense. It would have been easy to simply engage a more orthodox approach, but the outcomes would not have been as positive."

Justin Neal, Principal, Mahana School 2017

outdoor learning environments in school grounds

Early Years Installation Design and Build Project 2017

"We use the area all the time.  We don't know how we coped before we had the area! The children love it."

Early Years Teacher, St Joseph's RC School, Nelson, March 2018

Landscape Masterplan for St Josephs School

School grounds masterplanning and project management

"When it comes to caring about this project, no one does it better than you! Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this project. We love the plans and are excited to get the project underway."

Chair of PTA, St Joseph’s RC School, Nelson, May 2016

Permaculure Design and Landscape design services

Community organic garden workshop and presentation

"Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge regarding sustainable practices to inspire others on the Sustainable Golden Bay Day. " 

The Golden Bay Community Organic Gardens, Takaka, May 2016


natural playgrounds consultancy

Early learning centre natural play area 2016

"Guy created an amazing natural play area for our 2-5 year olds. He included more natural products/materials, extended our play area and made our sandpit a more inviting and exciting place to learn and explore.


Thank you for building us the coolest sandpit ever !"

The Children.
Campus Corner Early Learning Centre, Nelson, March 2016

permaculture landscape design company Nelson

Private garden masterplanning and design for ecology rich dams and native planting 2015

"Working with Leaves of Green was a pleasure as they were able to give us ideas about planting and enhancing the natural features of our property. We had a vision of what we wanted to achieve and they were able to show us how to implement that plan and make it happen. Guy did a lot of research on our behalf and through his efforts, made things happen."

Geoff Davies, Mahana, November 2015


permaculture design landscape services

Family Garden: permaculture design

"Working with Guy was very rewarding as it helped us to learn how to ‘read’ our land, understanding it’s micro climates in different areas, and how to best work with it’s natural opportunities as well as it’s challenges. Guy gave us the confidence to start a brand new lifestyle section designed with sustainability and permaculture principles in mind – invaluable to us, as we had very little experience when we started."

Christian Mairoll, Managing Director, Emsisoft. Motueka River Valley


landscape garden design Nelson

Private garden design, Moana 2013

"Guy Redmond of Leaves of Green undertook to design and build a deck located beneath a mature Pohutukawa on a sloping site on my property. The notable and positive features of the project and our interaction were Guy’s:

  • survey of the site and his gauging of my requirements
  • suggestions and options for construction
  • provision of suitable design sketches
  • attention to detail during construction
  • very accurate calculation of quantities of materials
  • ongoing consultation during construction
  • care for the appearance and functionality of the finished work
  • additionally, he was agreeable to accept the assistance of a willing but inexperienced labourer on the project

The outcome is the delivery of a garden feature that is harmoniously located and which adds utility and pleasure to this part of my property."

William Robertson, Moana, Nelson.

natural playgrounds design

Blakedown Primary School grounds masterplan; and design and build natural adventure play area 2004-2008

"Working with Guy was easy. He has vision and understanding of how to enhance an environment. He also has clear ideas of how to develop land for the benefit of a community. Guy and his team at leaves of green worked long hours to ensure that deadlines were met and the price quoted for the job was the sum paid on completion. All stakeholders at Blakedown CE Primary School have been delighted with the improvements made to the school grounds and look forward to leaves of green’s return at some time in the future."

Hilary Pritchard, Head Teacher, Blakedown Primary


Hospice Landscape design and architecture

St. Richard's Hospice: design and build projects 2005-2009

"Guy Redmond establishes an outstanding rapport with his customers and thereby ensures that his excellent team deliver exactly what is required. Leaves of Green take huge pride in their work and in particular the durability and sustainability of structures that display the beauty of natural materials to best effect."

Mark Jackson, Chief Executive, St Richard’s Hospice

school grounds design and build

Lyppard Grange Primary School Grounds design 1999-2010

"...not only excellent in their field of work, leaves of green have also formed excellent relationships with staff and children and involved the children wherever possible in the projects."

Sian Williams, Head Teacher, Lyppard Grange Primary School

Public park landscape design, standing stones installed

District Council Community Green Space 2004

"It is clear that leaves of green have a vast range of experience in dealing with community based construction projects."

Peter Banford, Community Housing Group, Wyre Forest


Timber structures: pergola and circular outdoor space with tree planting infrastructure

"Thank you for the lovely job you and your two colleagues did on our wooden structures.  All the children and staff are delighted with the outcome.  We look forward to your return…."

Alan Jones, Head teacher, St Margaret's CE Junior School, Leamington Spa, 2009

Bike shelter (Medium)

Timber bike shelter

"Thank you for our magnificent cycle shelter – it brings much needed class to our playground…I’d like to say how much I appreciate your approach and the extremely professional way in which the entire project was planned and carried out according to schedule and as promised"

Tim Lee, Head teacher, Studley St Mary's Junior School, 2010

involving school community in school grounds design and build

Playground development

"...the service was highly skilled and efficient, yet with a personal touch"

Head teacher, Field Court Junior School 2007

school grounds design, art and sculpture

Extensive playground development

"we have had superb service…excellent vision"

Maggie Goodwin, Head teacher, Worcester School 2005


Extensive courtyard development involving year 9 and 10

"I have just been into the school and was overwhelmed by the presence of the structures we built under your team's guidance.....it is a real credit to your team for being able to mould the opinions, ideas and energy of our students"

Deputy Head, Kingsmead School, Cheltenham 2008

school grounds design and build landscape consultancy

Harvington School Masterplan and Project Installation 2001-2003

"Guy Redmond is the designer of our Adventure Area. He took the dreams and ideas, the plans and pictures and transformed our dull, flat school field, into an adventure area second to none.

Guy valued the commitment of the children as they dug, planted and demanded more jobs! He cajoled mums and dads, governors and staff as they worked at a weekend. He organised quality tradesmen to do the hard landscaping. He never panicked! Even with foot and mouth and torrential rain.

His easy manner belied his deep knowledge of plants and design, and his immense creative talents. We worked well together as a team – modifying, revising as necessary.
Guy provided the vision and also helped me to provide the cash!

A designer, person, gardener par excellence!"

Marcia Palmer, Head Teacher, Harvington First School


nature friendly school landscape design

Facilitation, advice and major tree planting project 1999

"…since developing our school grounds with the help of Guy Redmond, the effect on the pupils playtime has been significant… lunchtime play in particular is now a productive and creative time… and there is a positive impact on behaviour."

Matthew Lloyd, Head Teacher, Bredon Hancocks Endowed First School

nature friendly school landscape design

Other plaudits:

Britain in Bloom award for Holly Mount Church Bible Garden (with Andrew Webb and family and community)

Best Practice landscape for the National Lottery Awards at Redstone Marsh 2010.

Build Magazine Best Natural Play for NZ South Island 2016.

Special reference made in OFSTED report to the improved learning environment created by the 3 year school grounds development at Hanley Swan 2000.

Evesham Nursery School: award winning school with grounds designed and constructed at minimal cost over a four year period. Regularly featured in Practical Pre-School magazine 2001.

Haybridge High School and Stourport on Severn High: community projects, tree planting and partnerships with the adoption and fostering service.

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