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We are an experienced team

Over 25 years experience of working in schools, parks, reserves, community space and private gardens and landscapes

Landscape architecture, permaculture design, arboriculture, gardening and building.....with a passion for communities and public space, and private gardens for family time.

We bring all of our experience and training together, to work with nature, for the benefit of all. 


Guy Our Team

Guy Redmond

Guy Redmond is a landscape architect, arborist, gardener and permaculture designer. Since 1990 he has worked with many public and private clients and around 500 schools to create unique, practical outdoor spaces for learning, play, inspiration and ecological and spiritual regeneration.

He is an advocate of the right of access to land for everybody; and replacing global trade treaties and corporate monocultures with connected localism and places that value people and ecology.

Guy has a degree in History of Art and Architecture and worked with art dealer Peter Nahum in the mid 1980’s, eventually preferring to leave the paintings hanging in the gallery and the art books unopened on the shelf, in favour of the beauty of physical interaction with the natural world. He was student of the year at horticultural college and studied permaculture under Patrick Whitefield (1996) and Geoff Lawton (2012).

Guy’s father Trevor was a well known New Zealand speedway racer (1945-1960) who later guided the kiwi’s to huge success at international competitions.  To connect again with long lost family relations, Guy and his family lived in New Zealand between 2012 and 2018.  During this period, he masterplanned the landscapes for a number of New Zealand schools, including 2 of NZ's oldest educational establishments.  He designed and created a number of award winning natural playgrounds and outdoor learning environments, but longing for the beautiful English seasons, Guy returned to his natural ecological habitat - the hills, meadows, woods, towns and villages of Bredon Hill and the lower Vale of Evesham.


Alice Portrait low res

Alice Robin

Alice Robin has been working with Leaves of Green since 2003. She is an experienced group facilitator with skills ranging from furniture design to business management and marketing.

A graduate in french at St Andrews University Scotland, she then honed her Arts & Crafts skills at The John Makepeace School in Dorset before working in London for Sir Terence Conran, SCP Ltd and Pentagram Design.

After meeting Guy and becoming mother to their daughter Tallulah, Alice reclaimed her love of singing and went on to lead a number of self-sustaining arts related community projects. She is passionate about communities coming together to work with nature for the benefit of all.

Whilst in New Zealand, Alice was deeply grateful to the tangata whenua for sharing their language and culture, and giving her a glimpse of Te Ao Maori - a different world view where humans are a dependent and interconnected part of all living systems, totally reliant on the health and wellbeing of everything around them.

Together with Guy, she set up The Community Choir at The Boathouse - teaching a broad repertoire of uplifting songs from around the world every Monday evening in Nelson for six years. She also worked for two and a half years as manager of Life Linc Nelson, encouraging the community to support the wonderful Life Linc team in bringing affordable counselling to the region.


involving young people in design and build

Steve Tame, Jeremy Phelpotts, Luke Hammond, Ben Plows-Kolf

Our great team know how to throw it around and build quality projects!  Steve has been a colleague for over 12 years, Jeremy a little less, Luke less again and Ben is the new recruit.  All of our team have diverse interests outside of work from kayaking to hairdressing.  The company could not operate without the hard work that they contribute, and our clients know how super friendly and cooperative these guys are on site.

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