Landscape design services

We are experienced landscape designers and builders

Specialising in cost effective, sustainable landscape design strategies with a strong sense of place

We design and build School Playgrounds, Outdoor Learning Environments, Natural Play Areas, Natural Playgrounds, Forest School layouts and Family Gardens. Where possible, we encourage community participation in our projects.

We also advise, plan and design for change of land use - whether it is for tourism and leisure opportunities, or sustainable farming techniques, strategies and agroforestry solutions.  Transitioning from current use via Pre-Application and Planning proposals to final installation, we offer practical solutions in line with the NPPF for long term success.  Our methodology combines traditional land management with the practical approach of regenerative agriculture: providing cost effective, sustainable strategies and techniques which ensure positive outcomes.

How we work

To understand the scope of your particular landscape design project we recommend a site visit. Initial site visits are free for schools if they are within the Central England region. Other areas in the UK and abroad by arrangement, with initial consultation via maps and aerial photographs with online discussions. We welcome all enquiries.

Following that initial work, we set out a series of stages with precise costings which set out the work needed to achieve success with your project.

What we do

Site analysis - exploring possibilities

Offers an overview of a site - the slope, orientation and other climatic factors - and explores the possibilities of design strategies.  Problems are identified and solutions offered by graphic, written and verbal rationale.

public community participation landscape

Public participation in community landscape

If the project involves a public space or community landscape, then we can advise on consultation techniques to get effective feedback relevant to the project.  From online surveys to 3 dimensional models to noticeboards to exhibitions we can help you achieve easy public participation to ensure ownership, collaboration of stakeholders and successful outcomes.

Strategic site masterplanning

This is a guiding document and/or a graphic plan which relates the overall vision and strategy for further detailed design and planning.  Generally, a masterplan can guide the development of a project over a period of 5 to 10 years, sometimes longer. Out masterplans generally show quite detailed design strategies which can be interpreted by contractors working to their own specifications.
Masterplans are essential documents if a project is to have consistency within a long term overarching vision.

Concept and detailed landscape design

A concept design involves an iterative process with our clients which explores a site‘s history, geography, ecology and people resulting in a coordinated design vision which suits budgets and timescales.  Most of our projects can be constructed from concept designs and/or concept masterplans.

Detailed design work involves working drawings for detailed construction. Examples: outdoor learning environments, decks, planting, bespoke play items, seating areas, footpaths, etc.  These drawings can be used for competitive tendering.

involving school community in school grounds design and build

Implementation of landscaping strategies and techniques

We advise and instruct on the most efficient and cost effective ways of construction, planting, management and maintenance.

Public park design

Specialist installation, planting, artwork

We also build our own designs to create beautiful spaces with a sense of place: durable, sustainable materials integrated with both short and long term visions.  Outdoor reception spaces and learning environments, play areas, sacred gardens, timber framed structures and shelters, all enhanced with native, productive and appropriate plants for avenues, orchards, forest gardens, ecology, and long term sustainability.  Our projects are personalised with focal points and artwork appropriate to budget and place, usually designed and created by our clients themselves and their community.

nature friendly school landscape design

Habitat creation - balanced system of wholeness and health

Be part of England's recreation and rejuvenation as an ecologically rich and nature friendly nation which respects ecology and people in a balanced system of wholeness and health.  Invite beneficial insects and native birds to your garden and landscape.  Clean up polluted waterways by buffering excess nutrient pollution, create ecological corridors and networks, rebuild soil life with trees and natural mulches, create diversity of forestry, planting and agriculture.

Landscape design Nelson

Landscape and lifestyle project management

Assistance with implementing designs: we can oversee the work of sub-contractors and assist in all phases of bringing success to projects.  Alternatively, we can guide you in your own implementation.

Project overview, property purchase checklist and budgeting - we can help you: clarify your objectives; prioritise your requirements; look at opportunities and constraints related to landscape and lifestyle; identify suitable land – existing or to purchase; look at budgets, likely costs and ways of minimising outlay.

community engagement in landscape design and planting

Encouraging community engagement

We have years of experience inspiring and enthusing both children and adults in the practical creation of artwork, building landscapes, food gardens and revegetation schemes, etc. Our ‘know how’ and ‘can do’ spirit results in easily achievable projects which engage and build both community trust and resilience. 

Guiding your landscaping project from concept to completion

We'd love to work with you to create an amazing landscape together.

Contact us today for an initial consultation and a clear overview of how we can help guide your landscaping project from concept to completion.

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