Community Landscapes

Community Landsapes, Parks, Woodland & Orchard

Masterplans and Concept Design for Parish and Town Councils, Historic Houses, Hospices, Church Land and Community Groups

Creating more wild space at local, neighbourhood and city scales allows us to integrate the benefits of natural ecosystems into our everyday lives.

Transform your local green spaces into connected, diverse and multifunctional places for everyone.  Our experience of successful placemaking allows your local fields, woodland and orchard to become special places with character and habitat.

From community engagement and site familiarity, we guide your community landscape to become a valuable local asset, a place where the natural world and its myriad wonders are on our doorstep. 

No need to start the car - together we're going to create an awesome landscape in your locality, accessible all year. Practical, beautiful, easy to navigate - we help you realise your vision with inspiring designs. If required, we can also bring those designs to cost effective reality with our full design and build service. 

"Green spaces have been shown to particularly benefit the elderly and young, tackling age-related inequality while improving health. Parks and nature can give everyone the sense of being part of a community, and children especially need places they can explore, feel safe and form attachments with both other people and the environment."

Cities Alive, Designing for Urban Childhoods, Arup 2017


What are Community Landscapes?

Unique Special Places without standardisation!

In an era of mass standardisation, generic products and bland plastic, or timber play equipment, community landscapes are all about the intrinsic special qualities of our locality - that special character and personalisation which we seek out, has meaning to us, and nourishes the soul.

It is about places where families and friends can be together for informal occasions or festive celebrations; and it is also about quieter places, somewhere we go to get away from it all and enjoy the peace of open air solitude and purposelessness.

Bonfire Night, May day, Wassailing, A Midsummer Nights Dream!  Mountain biking, mucking about, dog walking, picnics, musical evenings or camp fire singalong's..... the list goes so on, with your choice here.

North Claines Community Landscape

For the last year, we have been working with the North Claines community to transform a historic local field, The Bull Meadows, into a place for all local residents - a futureproof landscape of natural meadows, treescape, wetlands and woodlands.

The Parish Council had shown great vision in purchasing a 15 acre agricultural field as a community asset in 2019. Leaves of Green were subsequently asked to help guide the process of assessment, analysis, community engagement, masterplanning and design. The pics on the left, click to enlarge, show the extent of the land before and the proposed design.

A series of circular pathways and connected natural spaces, with a long vista avenue and meadow corridor became the design concept.  Parkland trees, enhanced woodland, meadows, ponds and wetland habitat are all part of the plan going forward.  Adaptable space will be available for community orchard, forest schools activities and such like, as the community grows in familiarity, confidence and understanding.

The project is currently going through change of use planning permission, and accessible entrances and footpaths are currently being considered.  Some initial planting is scheduled for March 2021 with a full scale effort planned for this Autumn.  Watch this space!

Burrell Park

This local park in Nelson, New Zealand became the focus of some potential funding to update and enhance an earlier design for the park.  The park lies next to the local Community Centre, which is a hub for early years provision, after schools clubs, Tai Chi, Veg Box and a host of other community groups.  The resulting engagement highlighted the diverse variety and nature of these various groups.

To reflect this, the new design concept became a feature walkway connecting the Community Centre with the main reception space.  This reception space featured a large pergola structure for sitting and shade, also doubling as a backdrop for performances - the park has recently become a Sunday evening venue for live music and informal picnic evenings.

The layout for the 'walkway' became a series of interlocking circles representing the unified strength of the various local groups.  Personalisation and interesting features became the responsibility of the groups themselves, further embedding ownership and pride in a shared endeavour within the local community.

Early years play was given a high priority within the design, and the whole was balanced and coordinated with a design we completed 2 years previously, on the adjoining property of Tahunanui School.  This is featured on our Portfolio Page.  Burrell Park was the last project Guy completed during his 7 years in New Zealand.

Cubbington Community Woodland

This 2020-21 HS2 project saw Leaves of Green working with the local residents of Cubbington to create a woodland infrastructure for a number of local community groups.

After school 'forest schools' activities, early years child care, scouts, brownies and various other interest groups all engaged on this great project which inspired enhanced habitat, access, conservation, and good old fashioned being together!

Bird hides, coppice crafts activities and shelter, 2 x forest schools bases, rambling 'get lost' paths, hazel and willow tunnels, bridges and acres of exploration and adventure play in Mother Natures embrace.

Click on the images left to see the design with descriptions and precedents - most of which are from past Leaves of Green projects.

This project is currently on-going, and updates will be posted.

Other Community Projects we have designed and built

Above, see our tree house and platform at Cropthorne in 2020, these photo's were taken 10 years after we originally designed and built this for the parish council.  The design allowed the tree roots to expand and move without putting stress on the fixings of the timber structure - essentially the platform is a giant pivot - with no part of the structure touching the tree at all. The butterfly artwork were done by our associate artist in residence Paul Adams Groom.  We have worked with Paul on many projects, and he often supervises community artwork sessions while the build is happening outside.  Again, these pics show Paul's work 10 years after installation - showing just how durable such exterior artwork can be.

Below, the pergola structure at St Richards Hospice (one of a series of projects we helped them with) was a focus for musical evenings and fund raising events.  The final photo shows the pergola well clothed in rambler roses 5 years later.  This was built in 2006, all the posts are housed on steel brackets and the whole structure is still going strong today.

Guiding your landscaping project from concept to completion

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