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We design and build family gardens

Cost effective, low maintenance designs for gardens and landscape in Birmingham, Worcestershire, Oxfordshire, Warkwickshire and Gloucestershire

Cost effective, low maintenance designs for landscaping gardens and small holdings that are durable, sustainable, practical, and look and feel good too.

We are based in Evesham and work throughout central England, creating gardens and landscapes for families and private clients.  Once we have visited your site we can advise on the necessary steps to fulfill your vision.

Willow structures and planted arbors for sequential journey's and gardens
Native plantings for shelter, shade, habitat and beauty.

Landscaping gardens in central England

We are based in Evesham and Pershore and work throughout the region from Birmingham, and throughout Worcestershire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Gloucestershire.  We offer a complete service, from advice and simple concept designs (which can guide your own installation) through to complete delivery, installation and planting, including:

  • Children’s gardens, family gathering places and spaces for spiritual rejuvenation
  • Mixed polycultural systems with soil creative agroforestry, forest gardens, perennial vegetable and herb gardens, domestic animal forage and pasture
  • Ponds, dams, water harvesting techniques and healthy soil enrichment
  • Siting of outbuildings, access tracks and roads, paths and walkways
  • Native, productive and fine timber trees in a balanced system of wholeness and health
  • Living willow structures
  • Timber framed structures, shelters, decks, screening, entrances and seating
  • Personalisation of spaces with artwork and sculpture and other focal points

See our services page for everything from concept design to complete project management.

Landscape Permaculure design Nelson
Landscape Permaculure design Nelson

Design for a new build house

When we were in New Zealand, we designed this rural landscape for some great private clients from Motueka, Jarmo and Thuy.

The brief was simple - we require a garden which has good connections around the site, which is low maintenance and which gives us spiritual sustenance.

Our answer - no problem:  keep it simple and take it to the limit!

The design works with the natural contours of the sloping landscape to harvest water efficiently and provide trees for beauty, shelter and privacy.  Natural and secluded glades with ecologically rich habitat arise out of the design process.  The design immediately around the house calls for trees to create shelter and a sense of enclosure, but with framing and strategic gaps providing views to the western ranges.

We're completely awestruck. Speechless. These plans are really stunning. We didn't expect something so detailed and absolutely grand. ….thank you so much for all this exceptional work. The house pad design is just inspired.” Jarmo and Thuy Saloranta.


permaculture landscape design company Nelson
permaculture design, natural play and ecology

Design for a 12 acre valley site based on regenerative agriculture principles

We designed and built this permaculture concept with house pad, ponds, dams and re designed a natural water course to meander through the extents of the property.

This tired grazing site was in need of rejuvenation and inspiration.  A century old water drain had cut extensive erosion through the middle of the site and there was an opportunity to transform this into a stream which flowed throughout the property.  A dam was built to capture water; and extensive plantings of fodder crops, fruit and nuts became complimentary to the native plantings of kanuka, manuka, kahikatea, kowphai and wetland grasses, sedges and flax.

Children's play was high on the list and an old macrocarpa tree became a natural climbing frame, willow structures were made, and large boulders installed from a nearby quarry.

Work continues and plantings grow.....


Guiding your landscaping project from concept to completion

We'd love to work with you to create an amazing landscape together.

Contact us today for an initial consultation and a clear overview of how we can help guide your landscaping project from concept to completion.

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