Conservation, ecological networks and corridors

We are passionate about regeneration, conservation and ecology

Working with Nature

We have a passion for regeneration and conservation projects. Leaves of Green are qualified and experienced in traditional land management: hedgerow regeneration and laying; coppice regeneration; wildflower meadows and alternatives; orchard conservation etc. 

Our guiding principle is to work with nature, not against it. And to respect the traditions of land management and the prevailing sense of place: the unique ecological, aesthetic and spiritual qualities of a particular place.

Native plantings for shelter, shade, habitat and beauty.


Create the most receptive environment for natural species selection and soil creation.  Degraded landscapes recovered. Windbreak and shelter belt designs for maximum production and enhanced micro climate.  Create avenues and pathways through native plantings.  We provide techniques and strategies for fast establishment and growth.

forest school grounds design and build


Riparian waterways planted, filtered, shaded and enhanced. Pioneer species protecting and nursing climax canopies. Protect waterways and ecology with successful planting techniques and strategies.  Create special places and pathways through new habitat easily and efficiently.

agroforestry permaculture


Tree and understorey designs and installation to increase pasture, crop productivity, animal health and welfare. Increase fodder options for drought conditions and winter slowdown with combinations of multi-functional productive, functional, ornamental and native species.

landscape design and revegetation native plants Nelson
landscape design and revegetation native plants Nelson

Native Planting in New Zealand

We designed and installed this native planting for some private clients in Nelson.

The site is steep, sloping at around 45 degrees.  While we were going to introduce irrigation to ensure healthy early growth, it was felt necessary to establish some very basic contour terracing to serve some logical purposes:

  • by filling the terracing with organic matter, we were creating a soakage system for retaining moisture and nutrient. The trees planted on the terrace and below the terrace benefit directly.
  • the terrace is a substitute for creating expensive paths around the property, each terrace is 4 metres apart and provides reasonable access to all parts.
  • the terracing stops stones and other materials rolling down hill!

The planting palette was simple and chosen for quick establishment: native pioneers being Kowphai, Pittosporum, Ti Kouka, Kanuka, Manuka etc with some infills of Ribbonwood, Hoheria and Pohutakawa.

We have seen great growth from season 1 and there has been quite an uptake in native birds moving on to gather nesting materials and generally being inquisitive. We look forward to updating progress in the following years.

Guiding your landscaping project from concept to completion

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