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friendly welcome to forest school

Develop a Site for Forest School

Using existing on-site trees/vegetation for forest schools. Most schools have areas in their grounds which resemble some type of woodland. These may be: Actual woodlandMature trees with or without woodland...
satisfying removal of brambles by hand

Removing Brambles by Hand

Useful technique and tools for removing brambles by hand and preserving the unique ground flora, without the use of chemicals. 1. Typical patch of woodland edge bramble. 2. The long...
woodland brambles

How to Remove Brambles Effectively

A short guide to brambles and when/how to remove them! Brambles are natural colonisers These thorny plants with the tasty fruits are woodland expanders and natural colonisers.  Their role in...

Easy Pathmaking with Your Class

One of the easiest and lowest cost projects we can do right now is to define a short-grass pathway through an area of longer grass in your school.  Over the...
2005-06-28 002 med res

Field Reshaped for Natural Play

A large grass field is reshaped for play by adding footpath, shelter structure and specimen trees. Year 4 help to build a natural play area with dens, medieval village and...
volunteer day

Transforming a Site with Trees – Berry Hill

Take a look at how trees have transformed a section of Berry Hill Primary School grounds over a 15 year period from 2005 to 2020. Low-cost, whole school project In...

Ensuring Effective Tree Planting in Schools 1

When it comes to placing trees in our school grounds, there are various planting methods we must follow to ensure their healthy, successful and rapid establishment. In most schools, it...
Sparrow sitting on a branch of a shrub with yellow and green leaves in autumn time, birdes

Using Evergreens in Schools

The majority of the school year takes place during the winter months. If we want to have welcoming, beautiful landscapes around our school buildings then it is vital to plant...

The Outdoor Learning Environment Part 2

Creating successful outdoor learning environments (OLE's) In Part 1, we examined successful outdoor learning environments as a multifunctional space for large and small group gatherings, offering opportunities for diverse activities...

The Outdoor Learning Environment Part 1

The most effective outdoor learning environment today is a dedicated multifunctional space in the school grounds: providing for small and large group gathering.conducive to a variety of activities, from active...
school grounds design for outdoor learning

School Grounds: the best Learning Environment

School grounds are among the most under-developed spaces in our settled landscapes.  These ultimate learning environments should be the most beautiful, inspirational, radiant, well maintained and cared for places around...
school grounds and local communities

School Grounds and Local Communities

School grounds are enhanced, updated and loved........directly influencing children's homes..... ....spreading across the community network.......far and wide. Any school grounds project which may have a positive or negative effect on...